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The Video that has generated me $720,000 dollars in the last year by MINING bitcoin


Keep this one quiet OK?

This video LINK right here is causing a MAJOR agitation amongst the Cryptocurrency community…

Some Bitcoin miners are SERIOUSLY MAD saying this Guide is an UNFAIR Advantage they never had when they started Mining bitcoin.

A lot of people have switched from investing in Bitcoin to MINING Bitcoin after watching this Video, as it’s much more profitable and way less risky!

So if you want to know how you can build a million dollar business a year without almost any work and almost no starting capital... This Video will teach you how you can use your own computer starting today to generate money by Mining Bitcoin in AUTOPILOT.

By the way this is not a risky business proposition, mining bitcoin provides guaranteed monthly income and will help you reach your goal of quitting your day job.

Watch it here

Email #2


(VIDEO) Can Mining Bitcoin Really Make You Millions of Dollars per Year?


Hey [name],

So everyone in the Bitcoin community has been talking about this new Bitcoin Mining System released by the Bitcoin Syndicate, a famous group of bitcoin miners. The guy in the video, Jake Jones has been making 2 Million dollars per year mining bitcoin, having only started a little over 12 months ago. There’s other older members of the Bitcoin syndicate reported to have been making over 10 Million dollars annually, totally on Autopilot.

After months of people bugging Jake and wondering how he could be making so much, Jake has finally spilled his secrets and revealed the system he has been using to Mine bitcoins all along.

After all the public pressure, he's finally sharing his Bitcoin Mining methods with the public, in his new version of the Bitcoin Mining Mastery, that you can check out in Action at:

The real great thing about Bitcoin Mining Mastery is that it'll actually give you access to a Private Community of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency miners that share their strategies in the Crypto Syndicate private Facebook Group.

Now all this bitcoin mining and money making knowledge and programs that you can find inside the private Facebook group can actually help you to make millions of dollars by mining bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

I can personally testify I have actually been making a tidy 5 figure monthly income just by using a few computers at my home to mine Cryptocurrencies which is making me weigh if I should leave me job and focus on Crypto Mining full time so I can scale the business.

So for anyone looking to do the same and generate some money monthly by mining cryptocurrencies, I really recommend getting the Bitcoin Mining Mastery Book. There’ a lot of technical information in the Ebook that you’ll really struggle to find anywhere else.

There's also a cool 100% Guarantee, so the program is pretty much risk free. You either generate some money by Mining bitcoin or you get your money back. It's that easy.

Check out the VIDEO at right now!

Email #3


How to Make Serious Money Mining Bitcoin - The Easy Way


Hey [NAME],

Let's get REAL no one’s making money investing in Bitcoin or almost any cryptocurrencies right now since the Market has been down for a while!

However there is one almost risk free possibility of making real money with Crypto that you’ve probably have never considered but seriously should… I’m talking about Mining Crypto.

My friend Jake Jones, who is a full time Bitcoin Miner, famous for helping people in Reddit and Bitcoin forums has created a new Guide that teaches you everything you need to know about Mining Bitcoin and building an income that can reach millions in less than 12 months.

He calls the Bitcoin Mining Mastery program. It's called that because the Ebook features everything you need to know to start your own bitcoin mining farm and make MILLIONS in less than 1 year, plus all the tools you need to make it happen really, really fast.

I didn't believe it at first either - but when I saw the proof and tested it out myself, I was sold!

Guys I've only started mining bitcoins a little over 2 months ago following the Method in the Bitcoin Mining Mastery ebook, and I’m already profiting 5 figures monthly.

Bitcoin Mining Mastery has been reviewed by some of the best crypto miners in the World, so you can be assured that it is safe and tested.

It’s also really, really cheap. Jake’s goal with releasing this guide is to build a community of Bitcoin miners for the Bitcoin Syndicate. He’s not looking to make any money from this product so he’s pricing at a meager $47.

In addition to everything you get in the Bitcoin Mining Mastery package, you also get the “Make Money or It's Free” guarantee – where if you don't make your goal in your first month, he will personally refund every cent you spent on the Product.

You can't get much better than that, can you?

So, if you are still struggling to make some passive income, I really recommend checking out Bitcoin Mining Mastery and joining the Bitcoin Syndicate by visiting this link:

Check it out now before the special offer expires!

Cheers,[YOUR NAME]

Email #4


My Honest Bitcoin Mining Mastery Review


If you're into Bitcoin or Crypto, you have probably heard of the Bitcoin Syndicate. They are the most famous group of Bitcoin Miners out there and now branching to other crypto currencies.

The Bitcoin Syndicate is a site ran by Jake Jones, a Bitcoin miner that’s known in the community as being someone who’s generating Millions of dollars by Mining bitcoin and other crypto currencies. In the Syndicate, thousands of Bitcoin miners help each other make more money and share crypto mining strategies.

Jake has also just put out a Mining Guide to help all the newbies, or guys who are stuck not being able to make money by investing in Bitcoin and Crypto. It’s called Bitcoin Mining Mastery and you can check it out at:

The fact is that Mining is much less risky than investing in Bitcoin and you can easily build up a monthly income that can reach 6 figures in less than a year by mining a combination of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

The specifics of it and the best methods to grow a solid and low risk bitcoin mining business are covered in the Bitcoin Mining Mastery Guide, in a way that’s easily digestible for all non-techies and newbies as well as other users more experienced with cryptocurrencies

In the Bitcoin Mining Mastery guide you’ll also get to know what bitcoin mining rigs you can get to 100x your bitcoin mining potential and grow your bitcoin mining farm into a real passive income business that can make you millions per year.

I would definitely recommend checking out Bitcoin Mining Mastery to anyone looking for a low risk accessible system to make money with bitcoin. You can watch the video in the link below:

Email #5 (followup)


Here's Exactly How I Am Making $38,000 per Month of Profit Mining Bitcoin


Are you ignoring me? I'm feeling a bit upset to be honest!

Want to know why?

Well, not too long ago I emailed you about my buddy Jake Jones new bitcoin mining system called Bitcoin Mining Mastery PROVEN to have helped over 1000 people so far to start bitcoin mining businesses that can make up to several million dollars of year of profit.

So what happened? I thought that you would be one of the guys that would jump on this low risk chance to make 5 or 6 figures per month.

After all, Jake went all the way and dropped the price from $247 to just $67 for full access to the Bitcoin Mining Mastery guide and the access to the Private Bitcoin Miners Community of the Bitcoin Syndicate.

Well, don't worry about it. I spoke to Jake and managed to convince him to extend the limited time offer for just a few more days. After all, not everyone checks their email everyday!

So, this is your last chance. Get access to Bitcoin Mining Mastery


- all you need to know to start a 6 figure a month bitcoin mining business

- all the best bitcoin mining rigs out there that can scale your business to several millions per year of profit

- the bitcoin mining pools you should join

- all the quick steps to set up your mining farm even for non-techies

You can watch the Demo Video in the site below:

All this can be in your hands in less than two minutes from right now. And to be perfectly honest with you, clicking that link is literally the only thing holding you back from starting a low risk bitcoin mining business this week.

Jake assured me that there won't be any more discounts after this, so I don't think I will be able to convince him to extend the offer if you don't jump on this RIGHT NOW!

I can't wait to hear about all the money you made,[YOUR NAME]



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